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Bird Cove – Pond Cove Archaeology Project

Dorset Paleoeskimo Artifacts From Bird Cove (Photo Latonia Hartery)

Dorset Paleoeskimo Artifacts From Bird Cove
© Latonia Hartery

AARA Inc. is currently working with the towns of Bird Cove-Pond Cove, and the organization that represents them, 50 Centuries Inc. We are creating a 10 year plan that focuses on developing the archaeological resources in these northern Newfoundland communities. The last field season and consultation session occurred on August 6, 2015.

This archaeology project which began in 1997 is a source of pride and economic development for local towns, which were severely devastated by the collapse of the fishery. The Bird Cove – Pond Cove area has had near continual occupation for 5000 years and has been home to nearly every cultural group that has inhabited Newfoundland. To date, the archaeological investigations have been focused on pre-contact sites such as those of the Maritime Archaic Indians, Palaeoeskimos, and Recent Indians but in the last couple of years the project has been expanding its research mandate to include historic French, Basque and English sites as well. There are 38 archaeological sites in Bird Cove – Pond Cove, many of which are accessible by a trail system for general viewing. Likewise, the area is an excellent bird watching location, and also boast sea-side scenic hikes around the historic Dog Peninsula, featured in the background of the photo above.

Our collaboration with 50 Centuries Inc. is our oldest and longest partnership which has been ongoing for a decade. The lead researcher on this partnership is Dr. Latonia Hartery.

Field Research in Bird Cove

Field Research Crew in Bird Cove


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