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A Decade of Research in Bird Cove – Pond Cove

AARA Inc. is currently involved with producing the book A Decade of Research: Contributions to the Human and Natural History of Bird Cove-Pond Cove. This treatise is an interdisciplinary work, which highlights the most important discoveries, and resulting issues, based on ten years of research in the area. Volume contributors explore such topics as: the daily rituals of the Maritime Archaic Indians based on one of the few intact Archaic habitation sites on the island; the length and reasons for the occupation of Newfoundland by its first Paleoeskimo cultures; Newfoundland and Labrador Recent Indian relations; and the early interaction of Basque fisherman and aboriginal people. Additional subjects include geology, botany, and conservation as well as community perspectives on the local benefits of academic research.

This book is being created through a partnership with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (CEDP). It is being co-edited by Latonia Hartery and Steven Cox.

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